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300 Bangladeshi Workers Rotting In a Qatari Labor Camp

300 Bangladeshi Workers Rotting In a Qatari Labor Camp
300 Bangladeshi Workers Rotting In a Qatari Labor Camp

Around 300 migrant workers from Bangladesh are suffering in a labor camp in Qatar. Their camp lacks power and running water. At the same time, they have not been paid since May 2018. Many of these workers have become sick.

These Bangladeshis are just a part of 300 migrant workers from South Asia who are under the employ of Hamtons International. Hamtons International is an estate agent firm which has over 50 branches across the world. The firm decided to stop work on a construction project located near Al Shahaniya in Qatar back in September which has rendered all of those workers without a job.

The workers have made a number of attempts to get their dues cleared but all of their efforts have been in vain. Now, these workers have to subsist themselves on the 2 meals that they are given every day by a nonprofit organization.

According to some of the workers, people have died due to stroke while living in the camp. The firm was responsible for running the camp. Now, the workers must visit another camp for their showers due to the lack of running water and even electricity. Abdominal pain is a common complaint among the workers. Nearly every day, an ambulance visits the camp for one patient or another.

Such accounts are quite commonly heard by different workers’ rights organizations. It has also been noted that several formal complaints have been filed with various rights groups, the relevant Qatari ministry and even the police. However, the workers have not seen any improvement in their condition.

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