How is Faith Different from Belief?

How is Faith Different from Belief?
How is Faith Different from Belief?

Faith and belief are not the two sides of the same coin because there are vast differences between the two influences. Though many people consider faith and belief to be similar, in many cases they are diametrically opposed. Faith and belief are interrelated which leads to the confusion.

What is Belief?

The dictionary meaning of the word belief would be an opinion or judgment in which a person is fully persuaded. Beliefs are the things that we are completely convinced of. They are the concepts and ideas which have been developed on the basis of the collected information and experience. The beliefs might change from time to time as an individual keeps on acquiring more information and experience throughout their lifetime.

Belief is said to be a product of the mind. Belief is an individual’s own version of an indefinable. The beliefs possessed by an individual are mostly narrow and remain rooted in the culture and upbringing of the individual.

What is Faith?

Faith can be defined as the combination of belief, action and confidence. Faith is bigger than the belief of an individual and it requires and action. If the faith does not provoke the individual to take some kind of an action, then it cannot be termed as faith. Many people have taken this cue and have started practicing good deeds in order to produce faith. They remain unaware that the presence of faith leads an individual to performing good deeds. An important part of faith is the confidence which measures the extent to which an individual is firm to his belief.

Faith is the product of the spirit. In most occasions, the mind of an individual interferes with his faith. Faith is born only when an individual does not have any doubts in his mind which need to be silenced.

Beliefs might come and go but if an individual possesses a string faith regarding something, it is quite difficult to waiver him from his faith. Real faith can be defined as a state of being and it not similar to a statement of beliefs. Faith is conceptual until it is put into action and the best results of faith are usually visible through commitment.

In case you are going through a spiritual crisis, it is best to let your beliefs rest for some time. You should keep your faith burning in order to overcome the difficult times.