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Qatar Celebrates National Day While Hundreds of Qataris Suffer Abroad

Qatar Celebrates National Day While Hundreds of Qataris Suffer Abroad
Qatar Celebrates National Day While Hundreds of Qataris Suffer Abroad

Al Ghufran tribe, which is one of the biggest tribes in Qatar, has been facing serious human rights violations under the Qatari regime. In fact, it is a well known fact that the members of the tribe even tried hard to attract the attention of the United Nations so that they take a note of their agony and take some action against the Qatari regime. Moreover, they have even staged protests in front of the United Nations in Geneva.

They were hoping that the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) would be taking some serious step against their complaints. The complaint was mainly regarding the violation of the human rights of the tribe members by the Qataris.

This tribe was purposefully aimed by the Qatar authorities. From most of the tribe members, Qatari nationality was annulled and was tormented.

A young boy named Muhammed Jaber al-Ghufrani escorted a delegation from the al-Ghufran tribe in order to submit a letter to the UN High Commissioner. The letter contained in details the discrimination the tribe was still facing under the Qatari regime.  The delegation who went to the UN stated that even after international action being taken against the Qatari regime; still, they have been deprived of their nationality. Also, their legitimate and undeniable rights are being denied. They are still facing humiliation under the regime.

Even Jaber, stated that even after submitting evidence to the UNHRC, their nationality has been revoked. Hence, the child tries to portray his family’s suffering in another letter to the human rights group.

The child through his letter wanted to convey a message to the group who are all worried about human rights and associated parties. In his letter, Jaber asserted that National Human Rights Commission in Qatar had plotted against him and his family. The members of the tribe just wanted their rights to be restored which were lost.

However, Jaber stated that the report presented by the government was a false one and it tried to annihilate the truth and defend the random steps taken against the rights of the Ghufran tribe in Qatar.

Thus, in his letter he stated that he is writing to all those who considers life in terms of justice only. He asks every father figure in the world about what would be their stance or state in this world when they see their son is deserted from his homeland when he is a few days old. He states sadly, if the organization “Hamdeen”, feels a threat from the child’s innocence, the only outcome would be repatriation from the homeland. He feels that the only solution for the child who wants to prove his/her innocence is exclusion.

Jaber stated that the facts written in his letter is not an impulse; rather the truth of all children belonging to the tribe of forgiveness. The organization “Hamdeen” renounced all human meanings and uses forced dislocation of the members of the tribe without anomaly, and dislodged innocent children, even orphans who are still reciting the name of their father at home, even the widow whose wound of parting with her husband hasn’t healed, and the disabled who can’t move to demand his right.

He states that it’s highly unfortunate that the National Human Rights Commission of Qatar which was meant to be the safe refuge is scheming to be the false government cover obscuring the truth. He stated that he came to Geneva in order to regain his nationality and demand international and national human rights. He wants to come back to his homeland with the rest of the tribe and complete his studies.

The child on earlier occasion stated that he was stripped off his nationality when he was just one months old. He had portrayed many chapters of his tribes suffering at the hands of the Qatari authorities.

The Qatari tribe of Ghofran disclosed that the Qatari authorities had ousted the nationality of the 6,000 tribesmen who arranged a protest in front of the broken UN headquarters in Geneva to condemn the crimes of the Qatari regime.

Even after the delegation from the Al-Ghufran tribe arranged an exhibition in the Broken Chair courtyard, displaying the human rights violations carried out by the Qatari regime against them. However, even after repeated protests and appeal to the UNHRC their condition remains the same in Qatar. While the whole of Qatar is celebrating the National Day, Qataris who were dislodged from their homeland were not able to be a part of the event.