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Revealed: Iran’s Gory Secrets about Blood Soaked Crimes against Humanity

Recently, the Amnesty International unveiled a 201 pages document entitled, “Iran’s blood-soaked secrets.” This document which was put on the tabloids in the 4th of December uncovered the gory details of the Iranian government killing and disposing of thousands of enslaved political dissidents.

The document was published to offer closure to the loved ones and family of the murdered, with gory details that shocked and chilled the globe.

The Iranian government apparently indulged in a series of mass killings between July to Sept 1988, the bodies of the victims were disposed in mass graves and the relatives were tortured without by the government who refused to tell them where the bodies are.

Now, while the present Iranian government outright denied the accusations, the survivors of the massacre have spoken up. According to Sheila Neinavaie, a formed Iranian prisoner and human right activist, the country under the Mullas have turned rabid and presently responsible for mass killings, catastrophic wars, and violation of human rights.

This led to the many other protestors and survivors speaking up. Another survivor by the name of Hossein Fathi claimed that he along with his wife lost 14 members of his family and he himself was lashed and abused.

Just like him, one after another victim rose to the surface. Presently, the Human rights lawyers in the United Nations are gearing up to hear the justice cry of survivors and punish the ones responsible for the loss of mass life.

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