20th Religious Freedom Report Does not show Much Hope

20th Religious Freedom Report Does not show Much Hope
20th Religious Freedom Report Does not show Much Hope

Since 1999, the US commissioned International Religious Freedom is being published. This year’s report has come out on the 1st of May, and the results of the report are not giving us much hope.


While publishing the report, USCIRF commissioner Johnnie Moore said that this year’s report has some extra significance. The freedom of religion is a prevalent topic across the borders, and the world leaders are getting concerned over the violation of religious freedom.


The current records have noted the names of the 16 countries which have witnessed some appalling violations of this freedom. One of the biggest names on the list was China.


For the last year, the Chinese authorities are detaining and punishing the ethnic Uighur Muslims and other ethnic minorities, in order to make them ditch their religions. The calls from the NGOs and the World Leaders have fallen deaf on the ears of the Chinese government. In fact, the government denied the allegations of atrocity completely.


Not only the Uighurs, different unregistered churches and Tibetan Buddhists are also getting bullied by the Chinese government.


Russia is another nation, which is witnessing the downward spiral of religious liberty. In a pretence of battling the extremist activities, the country is making the lives of the Jehovah minorities miserable. According to the report, the country has already arrested 23 members of Christian domination and 121 Jehovah’s witnesses. Till date, about $90 million church property had been snatched from the community. One of the spokespersons of Jehovah’s community told that since last April, every home is getting raided regularly. In some cases, the worshippers were shocked, stripped, and soaked with cold water.


Crimea, which Russia has snatched from Ukraine in 2014, had seen the worst of it. It has witnessed Tartar Muslims get kidnapped, imprisoned and tortured. The Christian minorities, on the other hand, suffered from raids, harassment, and lootings. In fact, for the first time in recent history, the US government has listed Russia on a special list, which keeps an eye on the countries which violates the freedom of people gravely.


Who would have thought the propagator of the democracy would kill the liberty of the people so violently? For the last few years, the government of Myanmar, which is a Buddhist majority country, is oppressing the Muslim minorities. The oppression of the Rohingya Muslims went somewhat close to genocide. The rapes, murders and tortures made the people flee from the country. The mass killing has reduced the numbers of Rohingyas significantly in Myanmar. Aid cannot be given to the needy, and the news of oppression is being suppressed religiously.


These are some of the biggest names in this list, but they are simply not the last. Other countries, such as Syria, North Korea, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia have gotten a place in the list. According to the sources, the government of the United States is now trying to make a detailed report on the situation of these countries. Whether the US government will apply some different policies to these regions is a matter only time can tell.



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