Archeologists believe of Securing New Information King David

Archeologists believe of Securing New Information King David
Archeologists believe of Securing New Information King David

While reading the Bible the stories of king David, have always been very interesting. Archeologists now believe that they have secured more information about the king, precisely the city in which the king had taken refugee after running away from Israel. Discovery of ruins in a settlement in Israel is believed to be the same settlement in which the king took refugee.

The King is famous for slaying Goliath and also for being the ancestor of Jesus Christ. According to the Bible, Jesus Christs is described as the son of David. Researchers from the Israel Antiquities Authorities have excavated the site of Khirbet Al-Rai. They said that the settlement that they have found is probably the remnants of Ziklag.

In the Holy Bible, the tale of King David escaping Israel is described well. It is also mentioned how King Saul fled to Ziklag. While residing as a refugee in Ziklag, King David lived along with the Philistines and Philistines are believed to establish from the Mediterranean.

Previously many other archeologists have also carried out excavations in search of the settlement and to find more about it, so this is not the first time for such activity to take place. However, this time the team is certain that the settlement they have discovered is the real deal.

Yosef Garfinkel,Hebrew University’s Head of the Institute of Archaeology, said that the name of Ziklag was very unusual in the vocabulary of the names in Israel. He said that the name was actually a Philistine name and it was given to the town by immigrants from foreigh population coming from the Aegean.

From the settlement of Khirbet Al Rai, researchers have also discovered large vessels and stone structures that dates back somewhere between the 11th and 12th century BC.

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