China Passed Law to Make Islam Compatible with Socialism

China Passed Law to Make Islam Compatible with Socialism
China Passed Law to Make Islam Compatible with Socialism

China has passed a law to make Islam more adaptable to the rules of socialism. According to a report, the Chinese Government is determined to Sinicize Islam within the next five years.

As per the report, the Chinese Government has decided to take the steps after the government officials attended a meeting with members of 8 Islamic groups. In that meeting, the government has agreed to guide Islam to become more compatible with the philosophy of socialism. The government is all set to implement different measures to Sinicize Islam.

The names of the Muslim representatives were not divulged by the Chinese Government. The names of their organizations were also not made public. How this law is going to Sinicize Islam, is also not divulged by the government.

Last year, the United Nations accused that China is incarcerating people who are practising Islam. UN’s report also elaborated that over a million ethnic Muslim and Uighur minorities have been thrown in prison in Xinjiang region of the country. The UN report has since been supported by many human rights groups.

In defence, China said that the province suffered from uprisings planned by the Islamic terrorists. At that time, the government claimed that the militants are trying to create a rift between the ethnic Hans who are Chinese majority and the Muslim Uighurs.

It is also common for the Chinese Government to threaten the citizens if they want to practice Islam.

Different human rights groups have time and again accused China of supporting and running a campaign of ethnic cleansing against the Muslims. A report has divulged that Arabic classes and religious schools are banned in certain part of the country.