Christian and Muslim Story of Jesus’s Birth is Being Merged in a Play

Christmas Mubarak!

The name of the play might make you strangely uncomfortable, but the organizers think that it is a love letter to the Muslims.

The play, an original production of the Silk Road Rising, a Chicago Theater Company, depicts the similarities of Islam and Christianity. It has been reported that the story of lives and birth of Mary and Jesus has been taken from Quran and Bible.

The songs of the play have been performed by the members of United Methodist’s choir. It is a sweet mixture of Christmas carol to Byzantine Christian hymns. A band of four actors play all the major roles. Scholarly asides are added in the places where the story deviates from the Bible. The organizers wanted to establish that Islam is not so different than Christianity, as Jesus is considered as a prophet by the Muslims

The organizers think that if Muslims come to see the play, they will feel included in the festivities of Christmas. They said that the theatre company has been working with an expert to make sure that they have not offended the believers of Islam.

The theatre company was established after 11th September 2001 and became church’s resident for several years.