Should Christians Drink Alcohol?

Should Christians Drink Alcohol?
Should Christians Drink Alcohol?

The Protestant churchgoers of America certainly think so.

A study conducted by a performance management company showed that the Protestant churchgoers of the United States of America think that Christians should abstain from drinking alcohol.

A similar study was conducted in 2007. In that phone survey, almost 61 percent of the Protestant churchgoers had said that Christians should not consume alcohol. The study also pointed out that almost 39 percent of the population consumed liquor.

The time gap of both the survey is more than a decade. According to the researchers, this type of time gap can depict a significant change in the behavior of the population. They, for example, showed the changed views of the general people for the consumption of alcohol. At least 2/3rd of the Americans have indulged in this kind of behavior. They also elaborate than 63 percent of the respondents consume alcohol.

The perception of Protestant churchgoers to alcohol consumption remained the same. As a whole, 59 percent of churchgoers are dedicated teetotaler.

The researchers think that several factors such as geography, age, attitude towards liquor, and denominational affiliation should be considered before reaching any conclusion. However, they think that around 48 percent of males and 37 percent of females are going to say that they consume alcohol.

The Methodists and Lutheran might favor alcohol more than the Baptists, non-denominational, and the members of Assemblies of Pentecostals/God.

Similarly, despite the Bible’s teaching, 41percent of respondents say that they consume alcohol.

60 percent of participants acknowledge that people from other faiths get confused if the Christians consume alcohol. Around 55 percent believe that it is not sinful to consume beverages that include alcohol. Around 54 percent took the liberty that the bible gave and said that consuming a limited amount of alcohol is not sinful at all.

However, 87 percent of the respondents said that getting drunk is not accepted in the Bible and everybody should stay away from such behavior.

In the topic of abstinence, 71 percent disagreed that the scriptures advised followers to avoid consuming.