Christians in China are not in a Good Condition!

Christians in China are not in a Good Condition!
Christians in China are not in a Good Condition!

The condition of Christians in China is no longer good as they continue to be mistreated and persecuted. Here is another latest incident that adds to the list of the discriminations carried out against the Christians in China.

One of the pastors from America travelled to China for providing training to the faith leaders in the country who were dealing with the persecution of Christians. But when he observed the conditions of the Christians in China, he realized that they had a lot more to teach than what he had to teach them.

When Pastor Wayne Cordeiro narrated his experience about the trip he had recently made to China along with 22 other Christian leaders, he said that his group had smuggled small pieces of paper comprising of Bible Passages. This was done to help the Christians in China memorize the passages.

Among the other leaders who travelled with the Pastor, eighteen of them were previously imprisoned. The meeting in China took place underground in a hidden place. When he asked them about the consequences of such a meeting, if caught, the Chinese Christians said that he would be deported within 24 hours and the rest of them would be sent to jail for three years.

Despite the danger many risked travelling in train for 13 hours to attend the meeting on leadership, taking place at a hotel room with 700 square feet without any couch or air condition. The leaders later oversaw 22 million.

During the meeting, the Pastor also noticed that the group was short of Bibles, when he asked what he could do to help them, the only one thing they wished was to be allowed to worship for free and pray just like the Pastor did. However, to this, the Pastor said he would instead pray for the Americans to be the same as the Chinese faithful.

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