What is Easter and why is it a Major Christian Festival?

What is Easter and why is it a Major Christian Festival?
What is Easter and why is it a Major Christian Festival?

Easter is a major festival in the Christian Calendar that is celebrated commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Although the date of the festival is not fixed the celebrations begin from a Holy Thursday and continue to the Holy Monday. The Friday before Easter is known as Good Friday and it is considered to be very holy for the Christians.

Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday of a full moon day after the 21st of March and before the 25th of April.

The belief

Easter is celebrated to mark the resurrection of Jesus Christ and it is also considered as the rebirth of Christianity. This is a traditional celebration that takes place in all the churches around the world through special prayers to praise Jesus Christ. The celebration is then followed by a mass with happy music that is played in the background.

In ancient times, there were many controversies regarding the Easter celebrations with the majority of people who were unhappy to follow the Hebrew Calendar. Many also considered the celebration to be an offense in consultation with the Jews for its right time.

Change of seasons

It is common that most of the major holidays have something in common with the change of seasons. Easter also takes place after the first full moon following the Spring Equinox.

Significance of the Egg

The best part of this auspicious festival is the Easter egg. There are so many colorful eggs to collect but what does the egg signify?

The Easter egg is a symbol of resurrection for the Christian community. The eggs are perfectly decorated and often based on beautiful themes. Hunting the beautiful egg has become a very important part of the Easter celebrations.