Europe on the Verge of Demise, Says Mark Lewis as He Immigrates to Israel

With the increasing levels of anti-Semitism in Europe, a top British libel lawyer tells Israel Channel 10 news that he is done with Europe. According to his words, Jews are blamed for everything. In recent courses, Europe saw increasing acts of violence towards Jews.

According to the lawyer who moved to Israel with his partner Semitism every day someone or the other was killed in England or attacked. People died at Belgium museums, many were killed in schools of France, and others were living in fear.

The Jews had only one place to go to; they wandered by nature and it was time for them to leave all the animosity Europe was offering.

Further, according to his words, the 54-year-old libel lawyer got several death threats online, in addition to loads of abuse.

Hence, his only solace was shifting to Israel to start afresh. The lawyer further blamed Jeremy Corbyn’s leader party for building the anti-semantic atmosphere in Europe. He instigated people by putting the gun of the Jews and blaming them for everything. As a result, deep-rooted hatred came to the surface and now the Jews were easy targets.