Growth of Secularism in UK is on the Rise

Growth of Secularism in UK is on the Rise
Growth of Secularism in UK is on the Rise

Secularism in the United Kingdom is on the rise with more than one half of the people saying of having no religion. The survey found that only 1% of the young people identified as Church of England, indicating that atheism was on a rise. The fresh data indicated stark differences between generations and a boost of new confidence among the atheist to declare themselves as non-religious.

Across all the age groups the young people are more likely to call themselves as Anglican. The report stated that the steady decline in religious belief among the British is one of the most important trends in the postwar history. About 52% of the public said that they did not belong to any particular religion. The figures also indicated that the percentage of Christians to identify them as Christians had dropped to 38% when compared to the previous survey findings of 66%.

The report said that Britain was becoming more secular and this was not because the adults were losing their religion but for the older people with an attachment to the C of E and other denominations in Christianity were being gradually replaced by the younger affiliated people in the population.

The report further classified the issue in another way, quoting that the religious decline in Britain was generational, it said that people tend to be less religious when compared to their parents and on an average, their children tend to be even less religious them.