Hindu Father-Muslim Mother Gets Birth Certificate in UAE for Their Child

Hindu Father-Muslim Mother Gets Birth Certificate in UAE for Their Child

The United Arab Emirates has once again taken a major step in extending its hands towards people struggling to secure the basic necessities. The authorities in the United Arabs Emirates have issued a birth certificate to a child born to a Hindu father and Muslim mother both of them being Indian expats.

As per the marriage rules for the United Arabs Emirates for the expatriates a Muslim man can marry a non-Muslim woman, however, a Muslim woman was not permitted to marry a non-Muslim man. The couple Kiran Babu and Sanam Saboo Siddique who currently reside in the United Arabs Emirates married in India in the year 2016. In the next year, the couple landed in UAE where they initially faced problems with the visa process.

However, after the birth of their child in 2018 in the month of July, the couple fell prey to this unexpected situation. The father of the child said that he possessed a visa from Abu Dhabi. He also received his insurance coverage in the country. However, when he admitted his wife to the hospital in the emirate for the delivery of his baby, the child was denied a birth certificate. The father said that their baby was denied a birth certificate as he was a Hindu.

Babu went on to apply for a no objection certificate and the trail continued for four months. The Indian embassy also helped the couple, but it was mainly because of the efforts of the UAE leaders who marked the case as exceptional. On the month of April, the couple received a birth certificate in the name of their child. This was the first case of its kind in the UAE where the marriage rule was amended.