India disapproves Muslim Women to enter Mosque for Prayers

India disapproves Muslim Women to enter Mosque for Prayers
India disapproves Muslim Women to enter Mosque for Prayers

Religious conflicts have been part of the Indian traditions for long and by now it is nothing new. But with the roots of progress getting stronger each passing year, time has given birth to certain people who strive to bring an end to all the inequalities in religion and also discrimination done against women.

The latest verdict of the Indian Supreme Court to turn down the plea of Akhil Bharatha Hindu Mahasabha to allow Muslim women to enter Mosques for prayers reflects how such decisions are equally challening for the justice makers amidst a massive population of religion favoring people.

The Supreme Court Chief Justice, Ranjan Gogoi, said, “ let a Muslim woman challenge it”. Such a verdict reflects that intimate matters related to religion in the country is extremely uncomfortable for almost everyone as they are aware of the fact that even the slightest of wrong decision could reproduce to a massive violence in the country. Probably this is the reason why the apex court in India found it right to dismiss the plea at the moment.

The petitioner, who happens to be the State President of the Kerala Unit of Akhil Bharatha Hindu Mahasabha said that he looked up the Muslim women as none other than his sisters. In the petition he mentioned that the segregation and discrimination  that is shown against the Muslim women in the country by denying them entry to pray in the masjids along with men was againt Articles 21 and 14 of the Constitution.

The petition further said that considering women as something like a personal belonging gave birth to the purdah system and such system also gives opportunity to misuse the costume and carry antisocial acts.