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LGBTI violence: UN focuses on the ‘need to challenge hatred’

The United Nation is celebrating its 70 years of Universal Declaration of Human Rights which is a high-level event on the extrajudicial, arbitrary killings of the lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders or the intersex people all over the world.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet told that there is the need of embracing all these differences and not criminalizing them. They should not be attacked and not deprived of equal rights and the protection by law just as they are different.

Although, there is a gap in the data collected but everyday there are many LGBTQI members who are subjected to acts of cruelty which is solely based on who they are or who they have chosen to fall in love with or desire.

These kinds of cruel treatments include killings, tortures, random detention, forceful marriage and many other violations. There are seven countries where the same sex relationships are punishable by death which totally violates the basic human rights.

Till now, there has been only one UN General Assembly resolution which has addressed the violence like excessive reference to sexual orientation and gender identity.

The resolution covering extrajudicial, summary and random executions urge states for protection of the life of all people and has also called upon states for investigating the killings which occur on grounds of discrimination.

Majority of the countries do not track the crimes committed on homophobic and transphobic basis. There are many victims who go away without any recognition or no justice is rendered to them. The criminals inflicting these crimes roam free to strike again as the law doesn’t hold them accountable.

Ms. Bachelet also appreciated the new legislative changes which have taken place in Chile and India. She also insisted that more efforts are needed to change the minds of more people.

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