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Migrants Forced Into Labor at Luxurious Qatar Hotel

Migrants Forced Into Labor at Luxurious Qatar Hotel
Migrants Forced Into Labor at Luxurious Qatar Hotel

The Marsa Malaz Kempinski hotel is easily one of the most luxurious hotels in Qatar. In fact, even by the opulent standards of what is the richest nation in the world, the hotel is excessive. Despite this, the hotel is involved in human rights violations.

Like any other hotel, this one also employs numerous people for working in ancillary positions such as guards and cleaners. These workers are migrants and they paid shocking sums of money as recruitment fees to get the jobs.

It may come as a surprise, but it is a fact that payments to recruitment agents are the most common way to secure jobs in Qatar. The practice is widespread. However, it also causes the workers to become vulnerable to forced labor and debt bondage.

As a result, the workers of this hotel are made work for hours at a stretch without relief. In some cases, they have to experience the high temperatures of Qatar’s climate for hours. Some workers have also stated that they were forced to work for months without getting a single day off. They face fines worth a few days of salary if they are caught sleeping while on duty.

Innumerable allegations have come out of the hotel showing that the labor laws of Qatar itself are being breached. Of course, basic human rights are also being ignored. One of the violations of Qatari law is that some workers are getting paid well below the legal minimum wage.

These findings have revealed that even workers in the hospitality sector are not immune to exploitation and human rights abuse. Of course, the construction sector in Qatar is filled with such cases and it has been documented thoroughly.

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