Minority Community Made Their Mark At The Congress

Minority Community Made Their Mark At The Congress
Minority Community Made Their Mark At The Congress

Religion was not the main issue of the mid-term election that took place in the United States. The result though stated a compelling story that will have huge implications for the politics of America.

This is the first time that Muslim women were elected to the Congress. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar broke a huge barrier in the midterm election. Along with them another Muslim candidate, Rep. Andre D. Carson won the election, making the number of Muslim members at the house to three.

The Jewish candidates also made a spectacular show at the election results. Jacky Rosen, Elissa Slotkin, and Elaine Luria are the three women candidate from the community who flipped the seats blue in the red districts. All in all, the 31 seats are won by the American Jews.

In case of casting the vote, Jews voted for the Democrats overwhelmingly. A post-election survey revealed that 76% of Jews voted for the Democratic candidates, way higher than in 2016.

This might reflect the uneasiness of the Americans with the rising right-wing extremism during the period of Trump presidency. The poll found that around 72 per cent of American Jews believe that the incident of the tree of life synagogue took place due to the policies and comments of president Trump.

The influence of president Trump on voters was shown by the evangelical Protestants, who backed the Republicans wholeheartedly. In exit polls around 75% said that they voted for the Republican candidates. The number may look strong but it is still less than the 80% who voted Trump into the presidency. In the same poll Catholics as a whole seemed to be supporting the democratic candidates in this election.

Eight openly non-religious candidates won seats in the state assembly, bringing the total number to 38 nationwide.

The Hindu festival Diwali also got a space in the elections. While giving his victory speech Senator Tim Kaine brought the reference of Diwali to the victory of the Democrats this election.