Mother of Three Faces Deportation in the United States

Mother of Three Faces Deportation in the United States
Mother of Three Faces Deportation in the United States

Rosa Ines Gutierrez Lopez a single mother of three children between the age of 6 years and 11 years had to break out this sad news to her wards after getting her deportation order in December 2018. The US government has checked down heavily on illegal immigration and is issuing orders of deportation to those who are residing in the US as non registered citizens.

Gutierrez has been residing in the US since a decade. She was held at the US- Mexican border in 2005 while escaping from El Salvador, fearing for her life. Although the administration had released her and ordered her to appear in the court of immigration she did not want to show up when she has scheduled a date. Since then she began to start her life in the United States. She began working in a restaurant and then started her family.

The three children were born in the US itself and it would be difficult for her to take care of them. She, therefore, took shelter in a church. According to her, everything changed with the Donald Trump government coming in power. The US immigration authorities are not prohibited from arresting people in places of worship.

However, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has issued a written order on not arresting people from sensitive locations such as schools, churches and hospital. If only there is a threat to national security they can perform such actions.

A Church in the Washington suburbs of Bethesda has offered Gutierrez an apartment to live. A Pastor from her local church takes care of her children. She shifted to her new habitat on December 10th, the same day the US ordered her for immigration. Ever since the new government has taken power it has become very strict with the crimes committed by the migrants.

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