Muslim Volunteers Remove Trash from National Parks in Washington

Muslim Volunteers Remove Trash from National Parks in Washington
Muslim Volunteers Remove Trash from National Parks in Washington

Dozens of people gathered in Philadelphia, California, Ohio, Washington Dc and other parts of America to remove trash and clean the national parks. Among these people, majority belonged from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association. This association is one of its kind in America and also the largest in the country. The litter pickers were not on duty during the government shut down in America.

The Muslim group aimed at proving their faith and loyalty by providing service for the welfare of the society. They also aim to increase interaction of their members with people from other cultures and promote Islam in a positive way.

Dr. Madeel Addullah, the President of the Muslim Youth group said that providing service to the nation and keeping it clean is a very important part of Islam. They could not simply sit idly and watch the national parks being littered, therefore they decided to collect the garbage and dispose them in the correct procedure. The group would lead as an example while the rest of the Americans are invited to join them at their wish in various parks across the nation.

The government shutdown had lead to the subsequent shut down of several national parks including the Point Reyes National Seashore in California and Crater Lake in Oregon. The parks were filled with trash and other form of wastes disposed by humans. Due to the absence of litter pickers the wastes were unable to get cleared.

It was all due to the hard efforts of these Muslim volunteers which included dozens of men to accomplish such a task. They worked together in cleaning up the parks despite the pouring rainfall.

The Muslim association has about 70 chapters across the country with about 5000 boys and men as its members, all between the age of 7 and 40. The community believes that it is their duty to keep their neighborhood clean and therefore they took up such an initiative.