Non–believing People Turn to God during Times of Crisis

Non–believing People Turn to God during Times of Crisis
Non–believing People Turn to God during Times of Crisis

The people who do not believe in God seek help from the almighty during any crisis. This can be observed as an instinctive response to the crisis which makes the non-believing people seek the help of God. A survey has brought forward the results that one out of five people are praying in spite of claiming that they are not religious.

When Do the People Pray?

A majority of the Adults in the United Kingdom pray to god on a regular basis and they call on god even while that are engaged in the day-to-day activities like exercising or cooking. Only one out of three individuals visits a place of worship in order to pray. Many individuals like to combine praying with their daily activities while others pray while travelling or during leisure.

The individuals who have claimed that they pray have stated that they believe to have heard God in their prayers. Many people claim that by praying the world can be changed while many others have claimed that praying had made them feel better.

Subjects during Prayers

Most people pray for the well-being of their family members, while others thank God in their prayers. Many individuals pray for the sick or for their friends. The global issues like poverty or disasters are very uncommon subjects when it comes to prayers. The individuals who are non-religious seek the help of God in times of trouble. They claim that they gain comfort or feel less lonely by praying to God.

Personal Experience Stated by an Individual

A sixty year old U.S citizen had claimed that he prayed to god even if he was not religious. He claimed that he does not know whether he believes in God or not but he would not classify himself as religious. He claims that he prays in order to ensure the well-being of his loved ones. He often includes the names of specific people or the people who are suffering. Henry had also stated that he had no clue whether god heard his prayers and he felt it was a kind of hypocrisy.

Statement by the Bishop

The bishop of Gloucester Rachel Treweek had stated that such results should have been expected because of the human longing for the love and mystery of God. It had been observed that many people were driven to pray at some point in their life even if they were not extremely religious.