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Opposing Iran’s Regional Ambitions Would Bring Peace in Yemen

Opposing Iran’s Regional Ambitions Would Bring Peace in Yemen
Opposing Iran’s Regional Ambitions Would Bring Peace in Yemen

During the UN World Food Program, Executive Director David Beasley stated that the humanitarian crisis that Yemen is going through is the worst one. It has been seen that around 75% of the nation is in dire need of humanitarian aid.

The war in Yemen has not only wreaked havoc in the entire region, it has been a catastrophe for the interests of the coalition forces. The Houthis are more militarily refined and can attack beyond Yemen’s borders in a better way than they were at the beginning of the battle because of Iran backing the group; Iranian control has broadened; and the relationship between the Houthis and Lebanon’s Hezbollah has only strengthened.

Iranian agents are trying to build political alliances with Houthi groups through funds, flattering, and strategic measures. Iran is responsible for Shia uprisings and the UAE adding nine Iranian entities within their terrorism list.

In 2018, October, U.S. Secretary Of State, Mike Pompeo and U.S. Secretary Of Defense, James Mattis, both urged for bringing an end to the battle and publicly conveyed their backing for peace dialogue as suggested by the United Nations.

In 2018, April, in Geneva, a High-Level Pledging Event for the Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen, summoned by the UN and the government of Sweden and Switzerland, obtained over $2 billion and the largest donors being the Saudis and the Emiratis, donating half of the total received amount. The U.S. vowed nearly $87 million, in addition to its donation of more than $854 million for Yemen humanitarian assistance since October 1, 2016.

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre (KSRelief) and Emirates Red Crescent on November 27 proclaimed a joint US$500 million aid drive to assuage a food crisis in Yemen.

With the people of Yemen having suffered to a great extent, experts feel that it’s high time for intermediate political operation and security plans for the disengagement of all armed groups. It is also time to oppose Iran’s regional hegemonic aims, in order to bring back stability within the region.

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