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Palestine Encounters the fifth Hate Crime in a Month

Palestine Encounters the fifth Hate Crime in a Month
Palestine Encounters the fifth Hate Crime in a Month

Palestine encounters its fifth hate crime in a month after one of its villages in the central West Bank was targeted again. The police found the tires of 12 cars slashed and they had Hebrew hate slogans on the walls.  The slogans included, “Terrorists live here that throw stones” and “They are given work and then they rape the girls.

The Police in Israel and Palestinians said that this was the fifth hate crime in a month and they suspect ultra-nationalist Israelis behind the hate crime. There was also graffiti referring to the rape of a seven-year-old girl.

Although one of the Palestinian was persecuted pertaining to the case the law authorities are planning to cancel the arrest and dropping the charges for lack of evidence. Several other graffiti’s mentioned the area to be a village of terrorists; some of those even said that the area was a village of terrorists that threw stones.

Despite so many hate crimes in the last few months targeting the Palestinians and their properties, punishment or persecution was hardly visible. The Rights group said that the dropping of charges due to lack of evidence was even more unusual.

The nature of the attacks are somewhat different and they are known as price tag attacks, usually consisting of crimes on graffiti and arson, however, some of the attacks were also related to physical assaults and murders.

According to the reports released by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, it was revealed that the rate of attacks on the Palestinians has increased by 69% from 2017.

Thousands of attacks have been carried out against the Palestinians by the far-right Israelis including synagogues, mosques, and cemeteries in the last few years.

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