Polish Church accepts charges of pedophilia and begs for forgiveness

Polish Church accepts charges of pedophilia and begs for forgiveness
Polish Church accepts charges of pedophilia and begs for forgiveness

Caught and proved guiltily on trial, one of the priest’s from the Polish Catholic church at Warsaw was found guilty of pedophilsm last month.

In the court session held, numerous victims testified against the priest bringing forth the dirty reality of the debauchery conducted.

Numerous children had been taken advantage of, where members of the clergy in the name of God, hurt and traumatized minors to satisfy their disgraceful purposes.

The Pope and his church community was indeed traumatized and accepted all accusations with a heavy heart. As compensation they agreed to pay the victims of sexual abuse($260,000) that is a million zlotys.

Further, the church community publicly apologized for their misconduct and begged for forgiveness addressing the victims and their family.

Additionally, this heinous act of inhumanity resulted in opening the eyes of the people who started questioning the worldwide churches. Most affected by this situation were churches in Chile, Ireland, USA and Australia.

People started to notice how frequently the clergy abused young ones as more victims surfaced.

The citizens of Poland to raise awareness even went to showcase a movie called the ‘Clergy’ that displayed the barbaric acts committed by the priests towards young children.

The Catholic Churches seeing the gravity of the situation sent Pope Bishop to address the issue.

The Pope and his bishops wrote a letter expressing sorrow and shame for the actions of their peer. They worked to show the people empathy and kindness.

Further, by telling every individual that the church is beside them Pope Francis decided to hold an assembly with bishops around the globe to discuss this heinous crime of child abuse.

The church will now be taking strict steps to prevent the clergy to become the public enemy. Setting up stricter safety procedures the church is now ready to implement methods to ensure that minors are kept safe and no crime is committed in the name of God.