Pope States Being Gay is Fashionable in His New Book

In a new book written by Vatican’s Pope Francis, the Strength of a Vocation he garners severe criticism by the LGBT community as he tells ‘Being Gay is Fashionable’.

The contents of his book point out that Gay priests and nuns should ensure that their Gay sexual orientations aren’t revealed. As such acts are demeaning and in the name of God, they should if possible exit the Church.

This statement by the Pope is paradoxical as he is a 2013 press interview he commented that he was not someone who could judge a person based on sexual orientation; especially if that person took up God with a pure heart.

However, in his book, he reports that the Gay sexual orientation goes against the Catholic Church. The infuriated member of the LGBTQI community of Dignity USA Marianne Duddy-Burke pointed out that this was not expected by the Church.

She said that the ideology that ‘queerness was an act of fashion’ is not true; through years of struggle the LGBTQI community came into acceptance and there were numerous Queer priests and nuns who diligently follow God.

By stating that these individuals could not commit to God is a felony as it deems the LQBTQI community as inferior.