Research Proves Anti-Atheist Ideas and Stereotypes to Be Wrong

Research Proves Anti-Atheist Ideas and Stereotypes to Be Wrong
Research Proves Anti-Atheist Ideas and Stereotypes to Be Wrong

A research that was conducted based on the atheist individuals were presented at the Vatican and it was found that the stereotypes and ideas of the religious communities about atheism were wrong.  The study was conducted by the University of Kent and was funded by the Templeton Foundation.

The research was conducted in the countries including The United Kingdom, China, Japan, and Denmark, Brazil and the United States and the results comprised of a large group of people from different places. The results reflected how the non-religious people or the atheists referred themselves to be out of the cultural influence for not being religious and associated with social issues.

According to the results secured by the first round of studies, it was found that the screaming atheist that is most often referred by the religious groups was not completely true. Majority of the people to whom the church referred as Atheists did not even consider themselves that way. The study instead found a number of other terms that are related to the term atheists, such as Humanist, Agnostic, Secular, Non-religious, etc.

Another major issue that the believers of religion have with the non-religious people is about atheists having no moral. And finally another important point of contention between the theists and atheist is that the atheists were more often considered of being smug with reference to their beliefs while the people from different religious backgrounds were considered to be faithful about their beliefs.

However, the study found that each group exhibited the same level of certainty in terms of their faith in comparison to the others, this means there was not really much difference in the belief systems of the atheists and the theists.

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