Threatening Anti LGBTQ Conversion Therapy Gets Banned in Denver

Threatening Anti LGBTQ Conversion Therapy Gets Banned in Denver
Threatening Anti LGBTQ Conversion Therapy Gets Banned in Denver

Members of the Denver City Council have universally given their vote to boycott all conversion therapy practices targeted towards minors. Conversion therapies were given in order to change a child’s sexual orientation. This step made Denver the first jurisdiction in Colorado to carry out such a ban.
Conversion therapy is a fallacy practice of trying to change the sexual preference of any person from being bisexual or homosexual to heterosexual. Conversion specialist’s use supposed “spiritual” or “psychological” arbitration to achieve their goal.
Mayor Michael Hancock of Denver was the first person to ask for a motion to prohibit this process. Hancock is a member of the Office of Human Rights and Community Partnerships. The mayor, along with two members of the city council, Jolon Clark and Robin Kniech, presented their suggestion to the committee coordinated by the Denver City Council in December.
Mayor Hancock commemorated the event on the night of 7th January, stating the introduction of such an embargo is one of his administration’s great accomplishments and is a great moment for the government, as well as for the Denver resident who favors acceptance and insertion.
According to the Denver administration, this suggestion is proposed squarely towards state-licensed therapists who carry out their practice in the city. These people make false claims about being transgender and homosexuality as a mental disorder that can be cured. Parents of gay children fall prey to such exercise. For Denver and its mayor, this success occurred after they witnessed failure many times to boycott all conversion therapies in Colorado. The suggestions were crushed four times before.
Encouraged by Denver’s success, the state General Assembly is supposed to accept similar ratification in 2019. Mental health experts have fiercely criticized any kinds of conversion therapy, stated these efforts cause long term psychological harm to the victim.