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UAE Asserts Full Support to UN’s Plan in Libya

UAE Asserts Full Support to UN’s Plan in Libya
UAE Asserts Full Support to UN’s Plan in Libya

Obaid Salem Al Zaabi, UAE Permanent Representative to the United Nations, and Other International Organizations in Geneva, confirmed that the UAE would be providing complete support for the execution of United Nation’s plan in Libya. He further added that the UAE regards the plan as the best-suited scheme for solving the political crisis in Libya.

Al Zaabi also disclosed that the UAE is very contented with the current progress in Libya. At the same time, UAE hopes that an agreed election comprising all Libyan parties would be held by the end of this year. The UAE also longs that all parties will enhance their efforts to overcome the present hurdles which the election is facing. While stressing on the importance of arranging the right conditions and creating a safe and open environment for the election; Zabi added that there is a need to certify that a transparent and honest election would be held so that its results can be accepted by all parties.

During the 39th session of the Human Rights Council, Zaabi gave this statement while delivering the UAE’s speech at a biltaeral dialogue on the oral account of Michelle Bachelet, Human Rights High Commissioner, concerning Libya.

During his speech, Al Zaabi declared the UAE’s joint statement with the Arab Group and the other relevant political groups. He even appreciated Bachelet for her oral update concerning the human rights situation in Libya.

While ending his speech, Al Zaabi emphasized that the UAE, who is a member of the P3+3 Group, backs the political process and is functioning with the international community in order to arrive at a solution for the crisis in Libya. It is expected that security and stability would soon return to Libya.

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