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UAE Has Given Over $4bn in Aid to Yemen Till 2018

UAE Has Given Over $4bn in Aid to Yemen Till 2018
UAE Has Given Over $4bn in Aid to Yemen Till 2018

The total aid that has been given to Yemen by the United Arab Emirates has crossed the massive sum of $4.03 billion equivalent to Dh14.79 billion. That is the sum of money that Yemen has received from the UAE starting in April 2015 and all the way till September 2018.

The aid given has been vital in satisfying the basic needs of more than 16.7 million Yemeni people. This includes 10.1 million children along with 3.4 million women.

In 2018 alone so far, a total sum of $1.24 billion has been given by the United Arab Emirates to Yemen. $465 million of that sum of money has been designated to supporting the UN Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan.

The humanitarian aid that has been given by the United Arab Emirates covers a diverse array of sectors. Some of them include transport and storage, public programs, budget support, power generation and its supply, health, education and construction. Also included are public welfare, water and health.

Around $1.7 billion has been given to aiding a number of general programs.

The UAE government has been giving aid to assist the public budget of Yemen, mainly the wages of the employees of the legitimate Yemeni government. In this way, the UAE is making sure that all the government agencies are continuing to provide services to a considerable number of people. Of course, there is a special focus on the agencies dealing with security, health and education. Simultaneously, the commodity aid has been significant as well, amounting to US$1.03 billion.

To help the power generation and supply sector, the UAE has given around US$467.3 million.

The UAE has also delivered $230.1 million for assisting the health sector. This has reduced the lack of medical supplies, medicines and healthcare services.

US$34 million was spent by the UAE in the water and sanitation sector to ensure that people can access clean drinking water easily.

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