Vatican Youth Meeting is Clouded by the Sex Abuse Scandal

Vatican Youth Meeting is Clouded by the Sex Abuse Scandal
Vatican Youth Meeting is Clouded by the Sex Abuse Scandal

Pope Francis opens the month-long bishop meeting to engage young Catholic as the church is again under fire for the manner in which it covered up for the priest that molested and raped young people.

An American Bishop had suggested that they should either cancel or postponed the synod that was supposed to start on Wednesday, the poor optics of gathering the church hierarchy for discussing a demographic which is harmed by the concealment culture, the same hierarchy has also been accused of fostering.

An outraged Dutch Bishop said that the Vatican has not responded to the claims which have been made by Francis that he is boycotting the meeting. Some other American Bishop is known to have asked Francis to allow him to stay home for coping up with the fallout of the scandal in his diocese.

Irrespective of the dark cloud which hangs over synod, the organizers said that on Monday they thought that the re-emergences of the scandal will provide the Vatican with an opportunity to display that the Catholic Church is not just about cover-ups and sex abuse.

Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri who had organized the 3rd October meeting said that the church is not represented by the people who make mistakes. According to him, the church is more fundamental and important than that.

The synod is supposed to bring together 266 bishops for talks from five continents to help out young people to find vocations in life be it religious or lay just at the time when religious vocations and church marriages are plummeting in most of the West.

It is the follow-up of the synod to Franci’s meeting which had been organized in 2014 and 2015 on family life which had inspired the controversial opening to let divorce and civilly remarried Catholics to get Communion.