West Are Using Christianity to Destroy Power, Says China Officials

West Are Using Christianity to Destroy Power, Says China Officials
West Are Using Christianity to Destroy Power, Says China Officials

In order to influence China’s society and even overturn the government, Western forces are trying to make use of Christianity, according to a senior official from China. He warned that Chinese Christians are required to follow a Chinese model of religion.

China’s constitution promises religious freedom, but since President Xi Jinping took office six years back, the government has constricted regulations on religions observed as a challenge to the authority of the ruling Communist Party.

The government has suppressed on underground churches, both Protestant and Catholic, even as it looks forward to boosting relations with the Vatican.

On Monday, in a speech, Xu Xiaohong head of the National Committee of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement of the Protestant Churches in China, stated that there were many complications with Christianity in the nation, which includes “aggression” from abroad and “private meeting places”.

“It must be acknowledged that our movement’s surname is ‘China’ and not ‘Western’,” Xu stated, according to a report on Tuesday by the United Front Work Department that is in charge of co-prefer non-communists, ethnic minorities and religious groups.

He stated that anti-China forces in the West are trying to continue to control China’s social balance and even suppress China’s political power through Christianity, and it is going to fail. He added that individual black sheep who, under the banner of Christianity, take part in destroying national security, China firmly supports the nation’s act to punish them.

Only by regularly carrying forward and exercising the core values of socialism can Christianity be truly adapted to socialist society. Only by getting rid of the shame of foreign religion in China’s Christianity can its believers benefit society, he added.

China has been following a policy known as “Sinicisation” of religion, trying to annihilate foreign influences and implement obedience to the Communist Party.

Restrictions on religion have captivated particular concern of the United States. Last week, during a visit to Hong Kong, the U.S. ambassador for religious freedom called on Beijing to finish religious expulsion.