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Did Women Withdraw from All-Women Yatras Due to Pressure?

Did Women Withdraw from All-Women Yatras Due to Pressure
Did Women Withdraw from All-Women Yatras Due to Pressure

Women’s organization have organized five all women yatras against the inaction of the government and growing intolerance has run into trouble with UN women withdrawing from the event at the last minute. The UN Women is known to have promised the sponsor to travel of the activists across the country.

Some of the activists have claimed that UN women who had escalated the decision to them on Monday was subjected to pressure from the Narendra Modi government. They were asked to withdraw from the countrywide the Baatein Aman Ki Yatras starting from Srinagar of Jammu and Kashmir, Jorhat of Assam, Kasargod of Kerala, Delhi, and Kanyakumari of Tamil Nadu to withdraw from this event.

When the UN Women had been asked about the decision, they refused to comment. As an   accusation to the Modi Government of crushing the constitutional rights of women in the last four years, the UN Women activist group had planned on five yatras starting from 22nd September and ending on 13th October at the national capital.  This yatra is going to be flagged from Delhi this Thursday while the others going to start in the next two days.

The UN Women activists in India have promised to offer vehicles to the five yatras and started making arrangements. However, according to them, the organization first informed about providing vehicles for three yatras only last week because of the fund shortage as they had been involved in the Kerala food relief activities, too.

The activists said on Monday that they had been informed by UN Women in India regarding the withdrawal from the event. They stated that in the beginning, the organization had been so keen about the event that they event planned to rope in Sania Mirza, the tennis player and some others into the programme.

The leader of National Federation of Indian Women, Annie Raja said that it is obvious that there was pressure. They had been told that there was pressure to withdraw  Shabnam Hashmi from ANHAD said that they are surely going to go ahead with the programme and that they are going to have loans to repay at the end of the program. These yatras are not just going to focus on the sexual violence against women but is also going to encompass subjects such as negative effects of demonetization, distress of the farmers, communalism, and the altering contours of public health.

The campaign seeks to raise the topic of politicization of religion where the fringe elements are going to decide the choices of women, be it right to write, eat, speak, dress, etc.

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